As from a date to be specified, the Luxembourg Trade and Companies Register (the “RCS”) will implement the law of 19 June 2013, as amended, on the identification of natural persons, causing every individual already registered or to be registered with the RCS to have to submit a Luxembourg national identification number (the “ID Number”) on the RCS portal dedicated to this end.

The above requirement will apply to all Luxembourg resident and non-resident individuals, that wish to be registered with the RCS in any capacity (e.g. shareholders, directors, managers, auditors, etc.).

The ID Number will neither be disclosed to the public nordisplayed in the RCS portal or appear in any form or document available to third parties.

Natural persons who already have an ID Number will have to file it with the RCS.

Natural persons, who do not yet have an ID Number, will need to request it to the Luxembourg Business Register. The application may be made by the applicant or by an appointed proxy and shall require the submission of the following information and documents:

  • Name
  • First Name
  • Date, place and country of birth
  • Gender
  • Nationality
  • Full home address
  • Valid ID or passport copy
  • Proof of home address if not indicated on the ID or passport copy. Valid proof shall be either (i) an official certificate of residence; (ii) a declaration of honor stamped or countersigned by the regional authority of the place of residence, a notary public, embassy or police department or (iii) a utility bill.

The ID Number will be sent to the address of the applicant or of its appointed proxy, as indicated on the application form.

During a transition period (the extension of which is yet to be specified by the RCS) any formalities in respect of ID Numbers (i.e. filing of or application for ID Numbers) will be free of charge.

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