Of Counsel

  • Overview

    Antoine Van den Bulke is acting as “of counsel” on specific matters requiring expertise in European Law, Economic Law and Digital and Technology law.

    He is currently Professor in economic law, European law and comparative Law at the School of Law of the University of Mons – Free University of Brussels. He brings and contributes  to the firm his high-skilled expertise in transactional assignments involving European legal considerations or specific knowledge in emerging fields of either the digital economy, such as smart contracts, block chain or digital rights, or in regulatory issues arising from the latest technological developments.

    He is a former visiting scholar of the Columbia University in the city of New York and the French university Paris 2 Panthéon-Assas.


    Antoine has authored numerous books and research papers in his fields of expertise (to be consulted under section representative work and publications) . He is a frequent lecturer at national and international conferences and is regularly consulted as a legal expert by either public or private organizations.

    He is also member of the Digital Access Research Project, organized by the metalab of Harvard University, and is a research associate of the JurisLab of the Free University of Brussels, of the Economic Law Unit and the Tax Institute of the University of Liege.


    • PH.D in Law, University of Liège, Belgium
    • M.A. in Law, University of Liège, Belgium
    • M.A. in Business Administration, Hautes Etudes Commerciales (HEC), Liège, Belgium
  • Publications

    Antoine is the author of a number of publications and has also spoken at a large number of conferences.

    • 2025 “L’entreprise, coll. Practical Directory of Belgian Law”, Brussels, Larcier.
    • 2024 THIRION, N., MOINEAU P., VANDENBULKE, A. et al., “Corporate Law”, 2nd edition, Brussels, Larcier.
    • 2024 “Legal aspects of blockchain and its applications”, 2nd edition, Limal, Anthemis.
    • 2023 “Public funding of the performing arts, Comparative law study”, Paris, Mare & Martin.
    • 2023 “Contracts between companies: selected questions”, coll. CUP, Limal, Anthémis.
    • 2022 “Legal aspects of blockchain and its applications”, Limal, Anthemis.


    Periodical articles / Book chapters

    • 2024 VADENBULKE, A., CHOCHITAICHVILI, D., “From trader to company: what implications for commercial leases ?”, Journal des juges de paix.
    • 2023 “Introduction: from commercial contracts to contracts between companies” in Contracts between companies: selected questions, coll. CUP, Limal, Anthémis, pp. 7 et s.
    • 2022 “Introduction” in Legal aspects of blockchain and its applications”, Limal, Anthemis, pp. 7 et s.
    • 2022 “General aspects of intellectual property rights and their specific application: artistic NFTs and copyright” in Legal aspects of blockchain and its applications, Limal, Anthemis, pp. 67 et s.
    • 2022 BOURGEOIS, M., VANDENBULKE, A. & HACHLAF, Y, « The Funding of World Cultural Heritage by UNESCO », in Taxation and Cultural Heritage, IBFD, Amsterdam, pp. 47 et s.
    • 2018 THIRION, N., VANDENBULKE, A. et MOINEAU, P., “Concepts, interests and values in the interpretation of private law in Belgium” in Concepts, interests and values in the interpretation of positive law, Bruxelles/Paris, Bruylant/LB2, pp. 55 et s.
    • 2017 “Legal Origins Theory. Law, economics, ideology”, International Review of Economic Law, 1, pp. 79 et s.
    • 2016 PASTEGER, D. et VANDENBULKE, A., “Discharge of the debtor after transfer, under court authority, of his entire business: conditions and procedure in question”, note sous Comm. Oudenaarde, 1st October 215, Belgian Commercial Law Review, pp. 863 et s.
    • 2015 “Overview of tax incentives designed to stimulate private investment in the film industry, Agefi , Luxembourg, p.18
    • 2015 “From a patrimonial question to a reflection on the State: The usefulness of legal theory in understanding a judicial decision”, note sous TGI Paris, 20th November 2013, Revue de la Faculté de Droit de l’Université de Liège, 1, pp.157 et s.


    Public Reports

    • 2024 “Business freedom under Belgian law”, report commissioned by the European Parliament as part of its VIII Annual Comparative Law Forum.
    • 2017 “Financing methods and the role of public authorities”, in Bouger les lignes – Entrepreunariat culturel et modes de financement de la culture, pp. 21 et s., report commissioned by the Ministry of Culture of the French Community.
    • 2016 BOURGEOIS, M., GARROY, S., GERARD, X. et VANDENBULKE, A., “Taxation of corporate philanthropy: an overview of the legal aspects”, report commissioned by the Ministry of Heritage of the Walloon Region and ASBL Prométhéa.
    • 2016 BOURGEOIS, M., ERNOTTE, F. et VANDENBULKE, A., “New tax incentives to stimulate investment in creative businesses”, report commissioned by the St’Art public investment fund.


    Press Articles


    Speaking engagements

    • 2024 “Protecting the market, between individual loyalty and guaranteeing the competitive order” presented as part of  “Afternoon seminar – Corporate law: recent developments” organized by Larcier.
    • 2023 “Art and law in the face of NFTs “in duo with Marie-Sophie de Clippelle (professor at Université Saint-Louis) presented as part of the Collège de Belgique lectures at the Mundaneum.
    • 2023 “From commercial contracts to contracts between companies“, presented as part of the “Contracts between companies: selected issues” conference at UCLouvain’s and ULiège University.
    • 2022 Moderator of the conference “Legal aspects of blockchain and its applications” and presentation: “Intellectual rights aspects“, organized by Anthemis in Brussels.
    • 2022 Moderator of the panel “ConstitutionMicro-économique“. Fundamental economic freedoms and competition law“, as part of the 7th Journées Internationales David-Constant: The Idea of Economic Constitution. Genealogy and Overview, organized by Liege Univesrity.
    • 2022 “Analysis of the CJEU judgment of June 3, 2021 (aff. C-650/18) : Hungary c. European Parliament“, presented as part of the day “Meeting with the Court of Justice of the European Union“, organized by Liege University.
    • 2022 “Legal aspects of the European Union’s common commercial policy” presented as part of the conference “The role of national and local parliamentary assemblies in European free trade agreements“, organized by Liege University.
    • 2021 “Copyright and related rights in the context of capturing and broadcasting of performances“, presented in the Schaubühne (Berlin), as part of the European Prospero project.
    • 2021 “Corporate philanthropy tested by corporate law, comparative approach  – Bedrijfssponsoring getoetst aan vennootschapsrecht, vergelijkende benadering” presented as part of the ”PhD Seminar 2021″, organized by the Belgian Company Center (BCV-CBS).
    • 2014 “Corporate lawyer’s professional secrecy” presented as part of the seminar “The company and secrecy” organized by the CRIDES à l’UCLouvain.