Bill of law n° 7826 approved – Luxembourg companies can continue to hold meetings remotely until 31 December 2021

On 29 June 2021,  Luxembourg’s parliament (Chambre des députés) unanimously approved the Bill of law n° 7826, aiming to maintain flexible governance measures during COVID-19 times until the end of 2021 (the Law).

While the COVID-19 pandemic situation continues to gradually improve, COVID-19-related mobility and travel restrictions are still in force. Within this framework, with the approval of the Law, the Luxembourg legislator has sensibly decided to amend the Law of 23 September 2020 to extend the measures taken by the Luxembourg government allowing the holding of meetings in companies and other legal entities without the need for physical attendance, even when not provided for in their articles of association, until 31 December 2021.

More information on the exceptional governance measures can be found in our newsflash of 22 March 2020 (