|| R E A D Y || 😷

Dear clients and friends of VANDENBULKE,

Today, the Luxembourg Government has enacted a new panel of measures with the view to reduce the propagation of the Covid-19 virus in the Luxembourg territory and neighbouring countries.

These measures impose access restrictions to our premises, excepted for our professional staff.  All physical meetings will therefore not be allowed anymore and we will consensually reschedule any meeting that would have been already set.

However, VANDENBULKE will continue to service you during this difficult period with the same standards of quality. Our IT system is designed to allow each of our professional to work remotely from home or any other place, in a working environment identical to the one available in our office. No disruption of service will be expected: telephone communications, tele- and video-conferences or e-mails will continue to be available as usual.

We are therefore in a position to continue to address any of your requests, advise you and ensure that all projects will be carried out as usual on-time and on budget.  If working conditions were to change again, we will make the necessary adaptations to serve you in a proper way.

We wish you also a safe continuation of your business and activities as well as keeping you, and your relatives and friends, healthy and in good condition.


Yours Faithfully,