“VANDENBULKE is a consistent and trustworthy partner, which offers senior lawyer availability and a highly integrated approach”



VANDENBULKE draws its strength and vitality from a creative combination of the high level of specialization and diversity of its lawyers. Personality, free thinking, and ingenuity: these are the qualities required in a lawyer who wants to join the firm. Our lawyers have been educated in multiple jurisdictions, most often in the Common Law environment. Their experience spans many borders and business sectors.
Our lawyers embody the best of our profession in Luxembourg. This is true in terms of experience and effectiveness as well as complete responsiveness to client needs. The senior partners acquired extensive experience while working at Europe’s magic-circle and America’s white-shoe law firms. This is why our lawyers know how to deliver legal services to clients who expect the highest quality standards.


The Spirit of Laws—published after twenty years of labour—had a profound influence on the development of our liberal political theory. This book, initially published anonymously, was banned by the Catholic Church and listed in 1751 on the Index of Prohibited Works. It was a fresh plea for democracy and the division of the executive, legislative, and judiciary powers. Montesquieu condemned slavery and torture, and advocated gentler treatment of criminals, tolerance of religious belief, and freedom of worship. He had a strong influence on the framers of the US Constitution. With his thorough comparative review of cultures and political systems, Montesquieu built up the base for modern political sociology and anthropology.