“Clients admire their sense for innovation”

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VANDENBULKE is an independent law firm specializing predominantly in the Corporate, Finance and Tax practices. The Firm has the continuing ambition to provide an elite and fully integrated service in these practice areas to international institutional and professional investors. It has been structured and designed to provide a comprehensive and cutting-edge approach for the most complex legal issues arising in Luxembourg’s corporate and financial markets.

In recent years, Luxembourg has seen a tremendous growth as a financial centre, requiring a dramatic increase in more international and sophisticated legal counselling. VANDENBULKE was specifically founded to address this demand and provide the latest local and cross-border legal expertise in international Corporate, Finance and Tax matters. VANDENBULKE has been constantly outperforming the Luxembourg law firms market and has consolidated its position as the unique corporate finance boutique in Luxembourg. The success of this niche strategy translated into an annual triple-digit growth over the last five years, resulting in a firm of twenty elite professionals providing assistance to Fortune 100 or 500 companies and international institutional investors.

Significant Market Recognition

Today, VANDENBULKE is undoubtedly THE leading Luxembourg niche firm specializing only in Corporate, Finance and Tax. Beyond the recognition of Chambers, The Legal500, and International Tax Review, the Firm has been recognized in 2010 and 2011 as the Best Tax Boutique Law Firm in Luxembourg (Corporate International) and shortlisted for the Best European Niche Law Firm of 2011 by The Lawyer.

Our lawyers bring additional creativity and fresh thinking. They combine boundless energy with the nimble minds needed to address, in an innovative way, legal issues encountered by foreign investors in Luxembourg’s somewhat complex financial and corporate market practices. Finally, the Firm develops a business-centric approach towards its clients. At VANDENBULKE, we pursue one sole aim: to provide the most quality-efficient legal service in Luxembourg, matching the international standards at the peak of the profession.

Right Size, Right Team

We deliberately keep our highly skilled legal team focused and compact. This allows us unsurpassed flexibility and fast-moving capabilities for handling — on time and on budget — any legal transaction. Short-notice requests are not a problem for us.

Business Versus Academic Approach

The Firm was structured in the purest Anglo-American tradition, cultivating the virtues of full integration, responsiveness, pragmatism and tight financial management. VANDENBULKE also nurtures a partner-intensive approach: our team is made up only of seasoned lawyers, eliminating the various layers of professional servicing of clients in larger firms.

A Firm Built and Designed with Technology

Technology is one of the primary keys to our responsiveness. VANDENBULKE’s purpose built, state-of-the-art network and communications system enables our lawyers to remain connected to our clients’ offices around the clock and throughout the world.

We relentlessly upgrade and improve our knowledge-management systems to provide all our clients, regardless of their location, with the best access to the full range of our Luxembourg, guaranteeing benefits from all the latest developments. VANDENBULKE’s clients have access to their files (stored in our extranet) and to our lawyers at any time and from virtually anywhere on the globe. This technology makes time zones disappear, which our clients on the US West Coast and in Asia, for example, find invaluable.

We cultivate the value of transparency and, for specific projects, provide on-line access to our work-in-progress enabling our clients to monitor their legal fees in a cost-effective way.


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