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Investment Funds

Capitalizing on its intertwined tax, corporate and finance competences, VANDENBULKE has unparalleled skills in structuring the latest generation of Luxembourg Investment funds such as the Specialized Investment Fund (SIF), the Investment Company in Risk Capital (SICAR) or alternative investment management vehicles. More customary products are not overlooked and the firm has extensive experience in traditional structures such as UCITS or UCIs with conservative investment policies and cross-border distribution.

Serving a Large Spectrum of Leading Institutions

We advise both middle-market and multibillion-dollar investment funds on all aspects of fund formation, including fund documentation and sponsor equity. We draft documentation for, and are counsel to, many private equity and venture funds, hedge funds, funds of hedge funds, and the investors in these funds. These include all types of structures for management and other fee arrangements, carried interest, clawback provisions, distribution provisions, and valuation policies. Types of fund represented include, amongst others, buy-outs, distressed debt, infrastructure, mezzanine, public-private investment funds, real estate, agro-forestry and timber funds, special situations, and venture capital.

In addition to representing investment funds, we represent institutional investors as well as high net-worth individuals on their private equity, venture capital, and other fund investments. On behalf of our investor clients, we have reviewed and negotiated the terms of hundreds of limited partner investments in all types of private funds. As a result, we have an extensive understanding of the market for investment fund terms, including how terms are evolving in the current market, and what terms are generally acceptable to both major investors and fund sponsors.

Advising from Inception to Implementation

VANDENBULKE provides comprehensive legal assistance to regulated and unregulated funds, corporate or trust vehicles throughout the entire lifecycle, from inception to implementation. The practice covers the bewildering scope of legal, compliance and corporate governance issues that are faced by open- and closed-ended funds, their managers and their boards. Our team acts as fund counsel, advising on formation, compliance, transactional matters and the development of new products. It also handles work for fund custodians, administrative agents and registrars.

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