“We commit to adress any client requests on target, on time, and on budget”


We do not choose our clients; they choose us. We believe that the quality of VANDENBULKE’s legal work speaks louder than any clever advertising campaign. Our modern vision of the legal profession in Luxembourg and our fresh, energized, highly focused approach is attracting an increasingly large range of corporations, from the Fortune 500 Company to the newly formed entity. From the start, we have advised industry leaders active in Banking and Finance, with particular emphasis on Merchant and Investment Banks and the Venture Capital, Manufacturing, Telecom, and Internet sectors. We are committed to deliver to each client, regardless of financial standing or industry position, a service of excellence. We also act as local counsel on behalf of leading international law firms, advising on large, complex corporate and financing transactions covering multiple jurisdictions including Luxembourg. All our clients have a strong international profile with a geographical predominance from the United States, United Kingdom, France, and neighbouring countries. VANDENBULKE is also member of ADVOC, an international network of independent law firms now comprising more than 3,000 lawyers. ADVOC enables our firm to implement cross-border transactions in close cooperation of other ADVOC members. We can rely directly on high-quality, responsive legal advisers on a worldwide basis.

Flexible and alternative billing

VANDENBULKE’s consistent objective is to correlate our fees to the value of our Lawyers’. We are very sensitive to evolutions in billing practice and eager to propose alternative billing methods to our clients. The firm offers full flexibility and a great number of variations and combinations of three basic billing systems: hourly billing, fixed-fee billing and contingent fee billing. Our IT billing system allows us to customize the fee arrangements to a client’s peculiar demands: reduced rate on volume, blended rate, fixed or capped fee are some of the billing techniques implemented at the firm.

Secured IT Web-access

VANDENBULKE provides secure online web-access to his clients through a fully secured internet platform. Through this state-of-the art technology developed by Pyramiq in partnership with Microsoft, those of our clients using this technology may directly access our Lawyers’ work in progress and monitor in real time actual cost of rendered services.

Clients can also access drafted documents online. Each client can be alerted by e-mail when a new document is made available on the VDBLaw site for their immediate review.
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These handwritten musical notes are those of the 30-year-old Russian composer Igor Stravinsky for The Rite of Spring. The world premiere of this ballet with the dancer Nijinsky at Paris’s Théâtre des Champs-Elysées, on May 29, 1913, was the setting for the most notorious event in the musical history of the 20th century. Trouble began with the playing of the first notes, in the bassoon’s ultrahigh register, upon which the renowned composer Camille Saint-Saens conspicuously walked out, complaining loudly of the misuse of the instrument. Soon other protests became so loud that the dancers could barely hear their cues. Fights broke out in the audience. Thus Modernism arrived in music!!